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Dharma Teachings

The following are Dharma teachings given by masters of the Kagyu Lineage.


A Brief Teaching on Taking Refuge
By His Holiness the 17th Karmapa
I would like to present a brief teaching on Refuge. It is the understanding and observing of the Refuge vow, which defines one as a Buddhist. It is also said, "You are not a Mahayanist if you don't have Bodhicitta." It is the generation of Bodhicitta or the Bodhisattva aspiration to aid all sentient beings, which defines whether or not your practice is Mahayana. (More Information)
* Calling the Lama from Afar
by His Eminence the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche
What we presently call Buddhism arose out of India; the Buddha Shakyamuni originally taught there and his dharma teachings spread from there. Later on in history, it was possible for the Buddha’s teaching to arrive in Tibet. This was due to inviting skilful translators, teachers and other accomplished beings who made it possible to translate all of the Buddha’s original words and teachings into the Tibetan language. (More Information)


The Reason We Practice Meditation
By the Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
I'd like to begin by welcoming all of you here tonight. I recognize that you've come here out of your sincere interest in, and wish to practice, genuine dharma, and out of your respect for my teaching. And this is all delightful to me, and I thank you for it. I consider myself fortunate to have such an opportunity to form such a connection with you. To begin, I would like to recite a traditional supplication to the teachers of my lineage, and while doing so; I invite you to join me in an attitude of confidence and devotion. (More Information)

The Six Aspects of Bardo
By His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche
This morning, at the request of the Venerable Lama and the Karma Kagyu Dharma Center, I will be explaining briefly the principle of bardo. The definition of bardo in general is an intermediate state of consciousness. This is not limited to the after-death state of mind, but is inclusive of both life and death, and after death and before the next life [into which] we [will be] conceived. (More Information)


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